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Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief from Your Chiropractor in Frankfort, IL

If you suffer from allergies, you are not alone, allergies affect as many as 30% of Americans. Not only are allergies physically bothersome, allergies cost as much as $3 billion a year in lost work time, visits to physicians, and medications.  Dr. Scott Stratton, our chiropractor in Frankfort, can help patients at our Advanced Chiropractic Wellness center achieve relief using natural methods.

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Important Information About Allergies

To your immune system, a substance that causes an allergy appears to be an invader.  The body goes into overdrive producing immunoglobulin E, an antibody, when reacting to potential triggers such as food, dust, pollen, or pet dander.  At a minimum, reactions include watering and itching eyes, along with sneezing, seasonally or year-round.

At the beginning of every allergic reaction, your body sends mast cells, special immune cells, into action.  Receptors on the surface of these cells recognize substances that are either helpful or harmful to your well-being.  When mast cells detect potentially harmful invaders, they release histamines.  These chemicals tell your body to take action.  The result is symptoms that try to get rid of these foreign substances by actions such as coughing, sneezing, or vomiting.

Doctors of chiropractic know that you might experience immunity problems if you suffer from issues such as neck misalignments.  Irritation of the upper cervical joint can boost or sometimes even cause symptoms of allergies and asthma.  Our Frankfort chiropractor is able to identify back or neck misalignments that could interfere with your immune system’s ability to function properly.

How Our Chiropractor in Frankfort Treats Allergies

Chiropractors believe that adjustments help control the outpouring of chemicals associated with an allergic reaction.  Most allergic symptoms occur after the release of histamine, which produces inflammation.  Spinal misalignments can affect the production of cortisol, a hormone that fights inflammation.  Treatment from our chiropractor in Frankfort helps maintain the proper balance of these chemicals to fight allergic reactions and lessen a patient’s reliance on antihistamine medication. 

Many patients report that chiropractic treatment for their allergies has been beneficial.  Regular treatment by our chiropractor in Frankfort for vertebral subluxations can reduce allergic symptoms.  When spinal vertebrae are misaligned or move in a dysfunctional way, the result can be spinal irritation and generation of abnormal signals your central nervous system receives.  The result is an allergic reaction.

Teaching individuals stress reduction techniques to improve the interactions between mind and body sometimes reduces hypersensitivity and accompanying symptoms in allergy patients who are highly sensitive to stress.  Our patients also receive education on important environmental factors, foods, and lifestyle information to help prevent allergic reactions.

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  • "I had pain in my right shoulder that went down my entire right arm and then started to go across my back to my left shoulder, ... I could not lift my right arm to drive the car, I could not sleep. It hurt for over a year. Now I have almost complete range of motion. I can do things I fogot I had stopped doing . I can raise my arm above my head. I can hold things in my right hand. I can sleep thru the night without any pain. For over a year I had the pain so it didn't go away over night but its so much better. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Stratton."
    Susan L.