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TMJ Treatment

Non-Surgical TMJ Treatment at Advanced Chiropractic Wellness

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Your jaw is one of the most extraordinarily flexible parts of your body, which is why you're able to talk and chew so effortlessly -- unless you're suffering from TMJ, also known as TMD. A temporomandibular joint disorder can turn even the smallest jaw movements into agonizing or even impossible chores. To make matters worse, dental treatment may or may not provide the relief you need. But before you turn to the extreme recourse of jaw surgery, you should know that Advanced Chiropractic Wellness may be able to resolve your symptoms through safe, non-invasive TMJ treatment methods.

The Painful World of TMJ

The more complex a mechanism is, the more can go wrong with it as a rule -- and this is certainly true of the temporomandibular joint. This elaborate assembly of bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and a cartilaginous disc (to prevent bone-on-bone friction) permits your jaw to slide forward, shift from side to side, or open and close. But it doesn't take much to throw these components out of balance with each other. When that happens, your jaw's flexibility is replaced by stiffness and pain that may make it impossible for you to open your mouth very wide. You may also be experiencing popping/clicking noises within the jaw joint, feel swelling around the joint, and suffer from recurring headaches and earaches.

What events or circumstances can cause TMJ? In many cases, a misaligned bite, aggravated by tooth grinding or clenching (bruxism), is at the heart of it. But chronic tension in the neck muscles, such as that produced by a cervical spinal misalignment, can also create TMJ issues. Work-related muscular strain and postural problems may be contributing factors. A sharp blow to the jaw or face can dislocate the jaw components, making normal joint motion impossible. In these situations, your TMJ may not be manageable purely through night guards or other dental treatment options. But surgery to alter the joint should be thought of as a last resort. This procedure can produce highly unpredictable outcomes, with many patients feeling even worse after the surgery.

The Chiropractic Approach to TMJ Treatment

If you're seeking conservative care for your TMJ treatment, you owe it to yourself to try the safe, non-surgical options available at Advanced Chiropractic Wellness. We can examine your joint alignment in precise detail, evaluating your symptoms and discussing any issues your dentist may have found. We can then work alongside your dentist or independently, depending on the underlying cause of your TMJ, to relieve your acute symptoms and help you manage your condition going forward. We may prescribe:

  • Cervical adjustments to relieve neck strain
  • Adjustments to the temporomandibular joint to bring its components back into line
  • Cold laser therapy to relieve tissue inflammation, pain, and swelling
  • Lifestyle and workplace changes to reduce neck/jaw stress

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  • "I had pain in my right shoulder that went down my entire right arm and then started to go across my back to my left shoulder, ... I could not lift my right arm to drive the car, I could not sleep. It hurt for over a year. Now I have almost complete range of motion. I can do things I fogot I had stopped doing . I can raise my arm above my head. I can hold things in my right hand. I can sleep thru the night without any pain. For over a year I had the pain so it didn't go away over night but its so much better. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Stratton."
    Susan L.