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Shoulder Pain FAQ

Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center Answers Shoulder Pain FAQ’s

Shoulder pain can limit many activities in daily life, such as throwing a ball, completing a chin-up or combing your hair. Even driving can become a problem when your shoulder hurts. The complexity of this “ball and socket joint” increases the risk of injury. Here are some common questions and answers about shoulder pain, courtesy of chiropractor Scott Stratton, DC, of Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center in Frankfort, Illinois.

Shoulder Pain

Why Does My Shoulder Hurt?

The two most common reasons for shoulder pain are an injury or overuse. A fall onto an outstretched arm, for example, can jam the shoulder. Repetitive motion, such as throwing or swinging a tennis racket, is another reason for shoulder pain. However, not using the shoulder may cause muscles, tendons, and ligaments to shorten, which also leads to shoulder pain.

Is Shoulder Pain Genetic?

The pain itself isn’t genetic, but the anatomy of the shoulder is. Three bones the upper arm bone (humerus), collarbone (clavicle) and shoulder blade (scapula) meet in this joint. Your genetic inheritance determines the alignment of the bones, which can be a contributing factor to shoulder pain.

What Activities Cause Shoulder Pain?

Certain postural habits may increase your risk of shoulder pain. Sitting at a desk with the shoulders rounded for long hours may be a contributing factor. Lack of exercise is another possibility.

What Conditions are Related to Shoulder Pain?

If you have shoulder pain, it may be the result of these conditions:

  • Bursitis is an inflammation of the fluid-filled filled sac that surrounds the shoulder and lubricates the joint.
  • A dislocated shoulder, which usually results from a fall or other injury, is an acutely painful medical emergency.
  • The term frozen shoulder describes a joint that either won’t move at all or that causes severe pain when the joint is moved even a little bit.
  • The rotator cuff is a group of muscles that support the shoulder blade. These can become inflamed or even tear, which limits motion and causes pain.
  • Tendinitis is an inflammation of one or more tendons in the shoulder.
  • Sprains and strains of the shoulder typically result from injury; they often heal slowly.

How Can a Chiropractor Help Shoulder Pain?

If an assessment indicates you have misalignments in the shoulder joint, the first step is an adjustment, either with the hands or a hand-held tool such as the Activator. Rest allows the inflammation to subside, while cold and heat therapy also decreases inflammation. Massage helps loosen muscles that are tight enough to restrict movement or cause pain.

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  • "I had pain in my right shoulder that went down my entire right arm and then started to go across my back to my left shoulder, ... I could not lift my right arm to drive the car, I could not sleep. It hurt for over a year. Now I have almost complete range of motion. I can do things I fogot I had stopped doing . I can raise my arm above my head. I can hold things in my right hand. I can sleep thru the night without any pain. For over a year I had the pain so it didn't go away over night but its so much better. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Stratton."
    Susan L.