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Auto Accident Spinal Injuries

Dealing with a spinal injury in Frankfort, IL that was caused by an auto accident can be difficult. You want to experience pain relief and treat your injury. Yet taking pain killing drugs and having back surgery is not the best solution. Did you know that all-natural chiropractic care can both treat a spinal injury and provide pain relief? Here at Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center our chiropractor Dr. Scott Stratton is ready to assist you in overcoming your spinal injury and back pain. Learn how we help with auto accident spinal injuries in Frankfort, IL.

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How Often Auto Accidents Result in Spinal Injuries

When you are involved in an auto accident, there is a great likelihood that you will suffer from a spinal injury. However, this type of injury is often not as life threatening as a spinal injury resulting in paralysis. In fact, you can easily receive treatment for a spinal injury at our chiropractic clinic using manual therapy and spinal decompression. Spinal injuries do lead to back pain, loss of mobility, and an inability to function as usual. A spinal injury in the upper cervical spine can also lead to neck pain and whiplash.

Common Spinal Injuries From Auto Accidents

Typically you will have a herniated disc or misaligned spine due to an auto crash. The reason this happens so frequently is that when you are involved in the impact of a car accident, it jerks your body and spine in an unnatural manner. When this happens your spinal column’s outer shell can easily crack leading to herniated or bulging discs. Additionally, just the extreme jarring movement will force your musculoskeletal system out of alignment. This can lead to back pain in the lower back, as well as pain in the upper cervical spine and neck. 

Top Chiropractic Treatments for Spinal Injuries

We use chiropractic adjustments and spinal traction as non-surgical treatments for spinal injuries. We also implement cold laser therapy as a way to heal the spine and surrounding tissue. This therapy is safe and effective for pain management as well. Physiotherapy is another method for pain relief at our chiropractic office. Types of Physiotherapy we use include electrical muscle stimulation, far red infrared therapy, and cryotherapy. To continue your spinal healing we offer corrective exercises and nutritional counseling. These alternative methods help to rebuild your musculoskeletal system through diet and exercise for long-term care.

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We hope we have provided you with valuable information about how our chiropractor in Frankfort can relieve your pain and treat your spinal injury after an auto accident. Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center treats patients in Frankfort, as well as New Lenox, Mokena, and Tinley Park, IL. Dr. Stratton has been practicing chiropractic care since 1991, and he follows a holistic approach to treatment. Give us a call at 815-531-1882 to make an appointment for auto accident treatment for spinal injuries in Frankfort, IL.


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  • "I had pain in my right shoulder that went down my entire right arm and then started to go across my back to my left shoulder, ... I could not lift my right arm to drive the car, I could not sleep. It hurt for over a year. Now I have almost complete range of motion. I can do things I fogot I had stopped doing . I can raise my arm above my head. I can hold things in my right hand. I can sleep thru the night without any pain. For over a year I had the pain so it didn't go away over night but its so much better. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Stratton."
    Susan L.