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Shoulder Pain Treatment

Frankfort chiropractor Dr. Scott Stratton has seen hundreds of people struggling with debilitating shoulder pain find effective relief from their symptoms thanks to the natural, drug-free, and non-invasive techniques that chiropractic care offers. 

shoulder pain

If you have shoulder pain, we invite you to keep reading to learn more about what may be causing your condition and how our team here at Advanced Chiropractic Wellness can help. 

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

No matter what your specific cause of shoulder pain is (including whatever factors are contributing to your pain, such as poor body mechanics or repetitive overhead motion), our Frankfort chiropractor can help you get to the bottom of it so true healing can begin. 

Some of the most common conditions he sees affecting the shoulder joint (one of the most mobile and complex joints in your body) include:

Shoulder dislocation: too much mobility and laxity of the joint capsule, muscles, and ligaments may increase a person's risk for their shoulder dislocating or "popping" out of place

Shoulder bursitis: small fluid-filled, friction-reducing sacs that lie beneath and between tendons and bones can sometimes become irritated and inflamed

Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis): a progressive loss of range of motion within the shoulder, often as a secondary result of a previous injury

Rotator cuff tear or strain: you have several small stabilizing muscles around your shoulder that allow for proper movement and stability; repetitive strain or an acute injury can lead to inflammation, muscle fiber damage, swelling, and pain

Tendonitis: strain and overuse can lead to inflammation and tissue damage within the tendons of your shoulder, especially the biceps tendon

How our Frankfort Chiropractor Treats Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic care uses natural techniques to help guide your own body's innate healing process. Our Frankfort chiropractor has years of extensive training and clinical experience to provide a variety of specific benefits for his patients with shoulder pain and dysfunction:

Spinal and extremity adjustments

Adjustments realign key joints within the cervical, upper back, and shoulder region, which restore normal shoulder mobility, reduce associated neck pain and stiffness, relieve tension and pressure on nearby muscles, nerves, and other tissues, and trigger a reduction in pain signaling being transmitted via the central nervous system (like a natural analgesic!)

Soft tissue massage

Massaging and mobilizing the soft tissues around the shoulder girdle (especially the small rotator cuff muscles) can reduce scar tissue formation and adhesions, relax tight muscles, promote increased blood and lymph circulation, and also provide gentle and relaxing pain relief

Corrective exercises

Specific exercises that are fully customized to your needs help improve the alignment of your shoulder joint, neuromuscular activation of your postural muscles, and strength and endurance of your key shoulder and scapular stabilizers to prevent further damage and recurring pain

These and other services can be of great assistance to you the next time you find yourself suffering from a work- or sports-related shoulder injury.

Is Your Shoulder Pain Holding You Back In Work, In Life & In Sport? Call Our Frankfort Chiropractor For Natural Shoulder Pain Treatment

At Advanced Chiropractic Wellness, Frankfort chiropractor Dr. Stratton believes that every person deserves optimal healing from their acute or chronic pain condition and that natural, drug-free, and non-invasive methods to promote such healing are some of the most effective methods around. If you're interested in natural shoulder pain treatment or would like to learn more about our comprehensive chiropractic services, call us today at 815-464-6772


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I had pain in my right shoulder that went down my entire right arm and then started to go across my back to my left shoulder, ... I could not lift my right arm to drive the car, I could not sleep. It hurt for over a year. Now I have almost complete range of motion. I can do things I fogot I had stopped doing . I can raise my arm above my head. I can hold things in my right hand. I can sleep thru the night without any pain. For over a year I had the pain so it didn't go away over night but its so much better. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Stratton."
    Susan L.